Brew Tips: Using Ground Coffee

Which Device - Which Coffee Grind? - This is a guide only, you should always try altering the variables when brewing coffee to see what works best with your own personal palate.


Fine Grind

- Looks finer than table salt, but its not dust.

Suitable for Espresso Coffee, Stove Top Espresso makers / Percolators,  AeroPress (with a 1-2min brew time)

Medium Fine Grind

- Larger particles than fine, a tad smaller than sand

Suitable for cone shaped brew methods (Hario v60)

Medium Grind

- That happy medium point, like sand, a great starting point to testing your grind size.

Suitable for cone shaped brew methods (Hario v60), Aeropress (with a 3+ Min Brew time) and syphon brewers.

Medium Coarse Grind

- Coarser than sand, a rougher grind, not quite coarse.

The ultimate grind point for Chemex

Coarse Grind

- The size of sea salt, larger chunks of coffee, usually it would be close to the coarsest the coffee grinder can go.

Suitable for French Press (plunger), Coffee cupping (or tasting), Cold brew coffee and cold drip coffee.



Grinding out the perfect cup of coffee through trial and error

For us aficionados, there is little better in the world than a perfectly-extracted coffee. Perhaps a lower-profile part of the brewing process, getting the right grind and extraction is incredibly important; it literally makes the cup of coffee, and will result in a bitter spoilt mess if done wrong. Here we’ll distil the wisdom of some espresso experts to try and convey the rules of thumb you should be following.


Balancing tastes is an art form

Coffee extraction is a sliding scale, with both the under-extraction and over-extraction ends burdening the brew with unpalatable flavours and ruining the taste experience. This is a simplification of the process on some level, but especially for those brewing at home, focusing on getting an extraction that’s some kind of happy medium is all you need to concentrate on to get delicious cups of coffee.

 Ground coffee

“I’ll know it when I taste it!”

Both over and under extracted coffees can be identified by taste. Under extraction, when not enough of the coffee bean is being dissolved into the water, the beverage can wind up tasting sour like grapefruit. It may also carry the metallic taste of hoppy beer—simply, the flavours don’t linger in the mouth like a coffee should, and will be a little salty and acidic.

Over extracted coffee—by contrast—is ashy, bitter and hollow, causing the mouth to recoil. It has too great an astringency; that dry taste of tea or some wines that clings to the palate and makes you want to retch.


Don’t get stuck in a grind—change things up

If you notice that your home-brewed coffees are consistently under- or over- extracted, one thing you can experiment with is the size of your grind. The grind of the coffee and the contact time with the water together determine how much of the coffee bean is dissolved—the finer the grind, the greater the surface area of coffee grounds and the more contact with water. If your coffee is over-extracted or you have an extraction method which involves high contact time, such as a French press, try a coarser grind. For perennially under extracted coffee, use a finer grind.

Remember, the perfect tasting cup of coffee doesn’t have to be hard—just put in some time to find the right set of conditions to suit your tastes, equipment and blend. You’ll be brewing beautiful, lingering cups of coffee before you know it.


What coffee grinder is the most consistent?

We highly recommend Porlex grinders for a medium - coarse grind (french press, AeroPress, Percolator). We have encountered issues with other grinders which we previously stocked in the same price range with the grind size moving, so we will always recommend Porlex grinders as being the most stable, cost effective manual grinders that product a quality consistent grind size.

Of course we like the simplicity of the Porlex coffee grinder for your everyday home coffee drinker, however if you would like to get a quality espresso grind, or a super consistent grind, you may be interested in the pricier models like the Lido's, or the Comandante grinder. Check out all of our grinders here.

Unfortunately a spice grinder just wont cut it, literally. The more you invest in a coffee grinder, the better results you will achieve.



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