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Do you have a favourite method of brewing coffee? Perhaps you prefer to keep things simple using the ingenious CHEMEX or the handy AeroPress. Maybe you love the precision of pour-over coffee, or enjoy making a cold-brewed coffee concentrate. You could favour the French press or brewing on the stove, or perhaps you like to stay in control with the Hario Syphon.
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AeroPress Coffee Maker
$39.55 $49.00
Handpresso Auto
$189.00 $199.00
Handpresso Pump
$149.00 $189.00
Hario Cold Brew Pot
From $29.95
Hario Kyusu Loose-Leaf Teapot
From $39.95 $46.15
Hario Pour Over Stand
From $79.95
Hario Syphon Sommelier
$369.00 $399.00
Hario Syphon TCA Technica
From $128.90 $139.95
Hario v60 Copper Dripper
$79.00 $116.50
Hario V60 Drip Decanter
$45.95 $48.95
Hario V60 Olive Wood Server
From $77.95 $82.95
Hario WDC-6 Cold Drip
$329.00 $379.00

Buy quality brew systems from leading brands like Bruer, Bialetti, CHEMEX and The Little Guy

Whichever way you like to brew your daily dose, Civilised Addict offers all the equipment you need. It doesn’t matter whether you have only just ditched the instant, consider yourself a coffee connoisseur or even run your own café, because we focus on stocking products to meet the needs of Australian coffee drinkers from all walks of life.

Our range includes products from some of the industry’s most trusted names, all of which are recommended by the Civilised Addict crew. We stock manual brewing systems, French presses, syphons, teapots, glass drippers, espresso kits, moka pots and more—while you’re here, be sure to take a look through our broad selection of tools and accessories to complement your kit and ensure you always get the perfect brew. Come to us and get anything from a CHEMEX Classic 10 Cup to a Bruer Cold Brew System delivered anywhere in Australia.

Australia’s go-to coffee brewing shop

If the name of our business isn’t enough of a clue, we like to enjoy a cuppa or two. That said, we’re not the kind of people who turn their noses up at anyone who doesn’t order a “magic”; we’re just a bunch of avid coffee lovers who are on the hunt for the best brewing equipment out there so we can share it with Australia.

However, it’s not just about the products: we also love to chat to our customers about anything coffee-related, so don’t hesitate to contact Civilised Addict if you need any advice, want to share your favourite method or would simply like to know what we’re up to.

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