Brew the Perfect Cup with a CHEMEX Classic Coffee Maker

When you want to make the perfect coffee day in, day out, there’s really only one way to do it – with a CHEMEX coffee machine. This state of the art equipment provides an unparalleled brewing experience, formulating the perfect drip coffee for casual drinkers and caffeine addicts alike. Take a look at our range of equipment and accessories and get your hands on the best of the best today.

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What sets the CHEMEX classic coffee maker apart from the rest?

Simple, elegant and incredibly easy to use, the CHEMEX is the perfect system for deliciously pure coffee and fuss-free brewing. Designed by ground-breaking chemist Dr Peter Schlumbohm in 1944, the classic hourglass-shaped brewer is made from non-porous borosilicate glass. Paired with the specially-designed paper filters, this ingenious system makes sure your coffee never comes into contact with any material which will affect its taste.

Here at Civilised Addict, we’ve got you covered for all your CHEMEX classic drip coffee maker needs. Why not see what all the fuss is about?

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We take pride in our ability to deliver state of the art brewing products directly to your doorstep via our online store. Offering a huge selection of equipment for your commercial and personal needs, there is no range quite like the one we make available to our loyal customers. We know that you are coffee lovers – people who only want the best or nothing at all. This is why we scout the best of the best and bring them straight to you. Whether it’s the CHEMEX classic drink coffee machine or products from Pullman, Hario v60 or The Little Guy, we are proud to be the reason you wake up to a steaming cup of your favourite brew each and every morning.

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Regardless of what you’re looking for, Civilised Addict promises to deliver with our range of premium brands. Take a look at our extensive selection of products today to see why people throughout Australia turn to us for their brewing needs.

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