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Able Disk Stainless Steel Filter Disk for AeroPress + Bruer


The Able Disk is a fantastic reusable filter is the perfect fit for the AeroPress and Bruer Cold Brew System. The stainless steel reusable filter disk eliminates the need for continuously changing over expensive paper filters when using the Bruer system and the Aeropress. The Able disk is is hassle free, easy to clean or wipe down and best of all its better for the environment. Punched from one piece of easy-clean stainless steel, the Able Disk will withstand multiple uses, buy now for a cheaper and greener way to enjoy brewing with the AeroPress and Bruer.

The Able Disk has been designed around a few key features:

  • It has none of the taste that is associated with using the paper filters
  • It allows for more of the coffee oils to enter your brew, without the paper filter filtering out necessary flavour components.
  • It is super easy to clean, and will last forever assuming that it is handled with care.

Fine Able disk version has small laser cut holes, and produces a sweet, clean cup of coffee. It is much thinner (1/3 of the standard) and is more likely to get damaged than the standard. So care is in order.

Standard Able disk version is thicker and has larger holes than the fine version, for a rich full-bodied brew. This filter is strong, durable and will last many years of continued use.

These disks must be handled with care in case of bending.

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