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Acaia Lunar Brewing Scale


Master the art of brewing coffee with the Acaia Lunar, the only scale to be designed for coffee enthusiasts that monitors the time, weight, and flow-rate as you brew coffee.

The brand new Acaia Lunar has been designed with professional baristas and hard-core coffee connoisseurs in mind. The unique features that made the Pearl so great remain – incredibly accurate weight, time and flow rate measurements to as small as a tenth of a gram.

However, the Lunar takes it up a notch, upgrading from plastic to a tough, waterproof aluminium body, solid enough to survive even the busiest kitchens or espresso bars. The Acaia Lunar’s smaller size means it is compact enough to sit comfortably on the drip tray of your espresso machine for even easier measuring.

Like the Pearl before it, the Acaia Lunar is also Bluetooth-compatible, and has been launched in conjunction with the new Brewmaster app, to help on your quest for coffee perfection.

*Readability: 0.1g

*Capacity: 2000g

*2-Year Limited Warranty

  • Weight / Timer Dual Display
  • Water Protection
  • Durable
  • Customizable Smart Auto-off
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Mobile App Compatible
  • Auto-start & stop timer, auto-tare features

 Inside the package:

  • Acaia | lunar™ scale
  • micro-USB cable
  • Acaia scale calibration weight 100g
  • Acaia | aerial ™ heat resistant pad for lunar (black)

Check out the Acaia Lunar product video by our friends at Otten Coffee


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