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Aeropress + Able Disk + Rhinowares Coffee Grinder




1x Aerobie Aeropress Manual Espresso Maker

The Aerobie AeroPress kit comes complete with 350 microfilters, a plastic microfilter holder, a coffee scoop, funnel and stirrer.

 1x Able Disk Stainless Steel Filter for AeroPress

Standard Able disk version (recommended) is thicker and has larger holes than the fine version, for a rich full-bodied brew. This filter is strong, durable and will last many years of continued use.

Fine Able disk version has small laser cut holes, and produces a sweet, clean cup of coffee. It is much thinner (1/3 of the standard) and is more likely to get damaged than the standard. So care is in order.

 Either 1x Rhinowares Compact Hand Grinder

The only real sacrifice with this compact version is in its capacity of 22 grams of coffee beans.

OR 1x Rhinowares Hand Coffee Grinder

This grinder holds up to 42 grams of coffee beans while still remaining small enough to fit comfortably in your hand.


Note: This pack comes with 1x AeroPress kit, 1x Able Disk (fine or standard) and your choice of a Rhinowares Compact Coffee Grinder or Rhinowares Hand Coffee Grinder. Click above links for more details on individual products.

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