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Chemex Glass Handle 6 Cup


No complicated settings, no moving parts, not even any electricity. A true icon in the history of brewing, the CHEMEX Glass Handle proves less really can mean more when it comes to coffee.

Invented by chemist Dr Peter Schlumbohm in 1944, the CHEMEX truly is one of the simplest and purest ways to brew high-quality coffee. Drawing on his knowledge of chemical extraction and filtration, Dr Schlumbohm crafted the elegant hourglass-shaped brewer from non-porous, borosilicate glass and invented his own specially-designed paper filters, ensuring the coffee would only come into contact with material that would not affect its taste.

The result is a pure, delicious cup of coffee every time, perfect for drinking straight away or saving in your refrigerator.

This beautiful CHEMEX Glass Handle carafe is the only CHEMEX featuring a handle for easier pouring.

The Chemex requires filter papers by Chemex and alternatively you can get an Able Kone to brew with the 6cup + 10cup Chemex only. Unfortunately we haven’t discovered any other filter papers that are suitable for use with the Chemex.

- Yields approximately 900ml

- Requires Chemex Square Prefolded filters for 6+10 Cup, available here

- OR Able Stainless Steel Kone Filter available here

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