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Hario 12g Coffee Scoop


In the absence of a brewing scale, the 12g measuring scoop is an inexpensive way of ensuring the right amount of coffee is measured to produce a perfect cup.

All the hard work and experience since 1921 paved the way for Hario to come up with the design of the award master-piece known as the V60 pour over coffee range. Hario’s 12g coffee scoop is gracefully built to provide ease of use and fits in elegantly with the V60 pour over sets with its brilliant finishing.

The Hario 12g coffee scoop is reliable in dosing 12g of grounded coffee and also looks great in your coffee station.


  • Copper
  • Silver


hario copper scoop

8oz version is suitable for larger drinks like milk based coffees, batch brew coffee, cocktails or even icecream!

Available in boxes of 2 or 6

steel scoop

2.5oz version is suitable for small drinks like espresso, double espresso and spirits.

Available in boxes of 2 or 6

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