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Hario v60 Ceramic Dripper White


When it comes to simple pour-over brewing with incredible results, nothing really compares to the iconic ceramic Hario V60 Dripper.

One of the most popular manual brewers on the market, this little white dripper is amazingly easy to use – just place the dripper over a coffee jug, insert one of the specially-designed paper filters, add your favourite finely-ground coffee and pour over hot water. The combination of the V60’s unique spiral shape and the design of the filters allows for a slower extraction time, resulting in a much sweeter and complex flavour.

This beautiful porcelain white model is an absolute work of art. Crafted from heat-proof ceramic, this fantastic dripper retains heat perfectly for a richer cup of coffee. Strong and durable, this is a coffee brewer designed to last.

Hario v60 Ceramic White 1 Cup Hario v60 1 Cup Model
Hario v60 Ceramic White 2 Cup Hario v60 2 Cup Model


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