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Lido 2 Coffee Grinder


The Lido 2 is a serious piece of equipment, with features usually reserved for commercial-grade grinders. Its dual-axle and bearing design, huge capacity and large steel burrs make it a precision grinding power house. Its key feature is its step-less grind adjustment, which allows for accurate adjustment through the entire range of grind sizes. It shines however in the upper reaches of this range, making it the perfect grinder for pour-over and Turkish coffee aficionados.

This beast of a grinder is hand-made in the US with a set of 48mm Swiss-made Steel grinding burrs which result in a more consistent grind size in less time. The dual-bearing drive design also means that you can achieve any grind size with less manual muscle.

- Solid Aluminium cast handle with integrated funnel
- Precision Swiss-made steel conical burr set
- Bronze dual-axle design with replaceable bearings
- Borosilicate glass catch jar
- Step-less grind size adjustment
- Grinder Capacity: 70g of coffee beans
- Catch Jar Capacity: 227g of fines
- Easy disassembly and assembly for hassle free cleaning and maintenance
- Lifetime warranty

This grinder comes with an anti-static cleaning brush, rubber counter stand, hex assembly tool and comprehensive instructions.


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