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Pullman Big Step Tamper Base


*Note: This is just the tamper base, it will require a Pullman tamper handle

The Big Step tamper is the result of the desire to create the highest possible tolerance base for the VST filter basket.  The name Big Step is because of the design of the larger diameter "stepped edge" measures in at 58.60mm (-0.02).  What this does is to enable a maximum surface area of extraction, including the very edge of coffee grind that sometimes can be pinched when using such a large (or incorrectly) sized base. 

With the Pullman barista big step base tamper, you don't have to worry about what tamping technique you are using because it is designed to give outstanding output regardless of the technique. With the base  enabling maximization of the surface area of coffee intact with the base and inevitably preventing the undesired pinch edged coffee grind.

Just like its name, its quality is ‘Big' too because it is made of a solid 630-grade stainless steel material. The comfort of the regular Pullman tamper but the ability to achieve more, the big step base is a step up. 


  • Made in Australia
  • Extremely sharp edge to maximise surface area for extraction
  • 630 grade stainless steel (highest grade for food use)
  • Precision-machined with True Tamp rings for a consistent and level tamp
  • Synthetic rubber compression zone to reduce high-volume fatigue

Included in the box:

  • 3 stack-able straight-sided stainless steel spaces, as no two hands are the same size so this makes a big difference to the busy barista.

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Check out Pullmans product demonstration video on the Big Step tamp below.

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