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Rhinowares Compact Hand Coffee Grinder


This grinder is a compact version from the Rhinowares coffee grinder range. It retains all the features you’d expect from its solid stainless steel body, to its high quality ceramic burrs while being able to fit inside an Aeropress! The only real sacrifice with this compact version is in its capacity of 22 grams of coffee beans. The body and crank handle are of solid construction and constructed of high-quality stainless steel to ensure a long life for your grinder. The low manufacturing tolerances of the Rhinowares coffee grinders and sturdy design greatly reduces wobble as you grind, resulting in consistent grinds from finer espresso to coarse ground.

The Rhinowares coffee grinders utilise a conical ceramic burr set for superior edge retention and rust resistance as compared to steel grinding burrs. The crank handle is removable allowing for the unit to be stowed away in the included protective carry bag making it a great option for home and on the road. This compact version also includes an adapter to allow it to grind directly into an AeroPress making it the ultimate Aeropress companion.

See the Rhinowares bigger brother, the Rhinowares Hand Coffee Grinder capable of holding 42 grams of coffee here.

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