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Cold Drip Filters


These water dripper filters are sized at 60mm diameter, they can be used for Yama, Hario and Tiamo cold drip towers. These filters are not designed to fit flush with the edge of your coffee holder, however are designed to dispense the water as it drips from the valve, and to stop coffee from entering into your cold brew.

Continue enjoying smooth, mellow low-acid coffee concentrate from your cold water dripper with this 100 pack of replacement paper filters.


These handy little paper filters are specially-designed for use with cold drip systems. Simply place one on the top and bottom of slightly moistened coarse coffee grounds.

With this large 100 piece pack, you can keep making rich and flavoursome coffee for months to come.

Designed for Tiamo Cold Drip HG2713/HG6333/HG2605/HG6332/HG6335/HG6331/HG2669

This is a standard size cold drip filter, it fits all brands like Bruer, Hario + Yama.



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