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Tiamo Cold Drip 6-8 Cup Brown - HG2713


Tiamo is the ultimate glassware manufacturer for cold drip brewing systems. All of Tiamo's glassware is made of high quality, borosilicate glass which should last a life time with careful handling. This brown cold brewer is a real showpiece due to its size (its 70 cm tall!) and complex-looking setup. In reality, brewing cold drip coffee couldn’t be more simple.

Cold drip coffee is made by slowly dripping room temperature or chilled water through coarse ground coffee. The water percolates through the grounds, retaining the unique flavours of your beans without the acidic oils typical of pressurised, high temperature brewing processes. The result is a delicate and highly palatable flavour, without the bitter and astringent over-notes of your average hot brew. Cold brew coffee can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks and is typically served neat or over ice for the perfect summer coffee indulgence.

This model features a well-finished and sturdy brown wooden stand and a large 8 cup capacity. Everything required in producing a superb cold brew is included, with all the necessary vessels and both cloth and metal filters.


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